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About The Heuristic Marketer

The mission of The Heuristic Marketer is to speed the success of online marketers.

The name” Heuristic”, according to Wikipedia refers to experience-based techniques for problem solving, learning, and discovery.

Therefore as “The Heuristic Marketer”, I am using my own and other peoples experience to help you solve the problem of not generating enough income from your online efforts.  I will involve you in a learning experience to improve your marketing skills. You will discover that a small marketing change can improve your results dramatically.

Are you having troubles getting going because you are not sure where to start.  Maybe marketing doesn’t seem to work and leads to rejection.  If it seems pushy somehow and you are uncomfortable, I can help you change your mind, your attitude and your bank account.

If you are doing OK already, I may be able to help you do a lot better. I personally find every day is a new learning experience, on and off line.

Not all online marketers will be in the ranks of those who made it “Big”. Some are not coachable and teachable.

The internet is growing at an astronomical pace. The opportunities for online success are endless. There has never been a time in human history like this and you can be part of those who succeed if you become a lifelong learner.

In November 2011, the US Department of Labour reported that there are 13.3 million jobless in the USA. This is down about 594,000 in November. Stats were released in Dec.


You can either work at a fast food joint or you can work at a fast food joint and start an online business.

According to Jim Rohn, probably the best motivational speaker of our time – deceased now.

“Profits are Better than Wages.

Wages make you a living, which is fine.

Profits make you a Fortune which is superfine”

There is an upwelling of interest in online marketing. You can buy almost anything on the internet. But that will not make you a fortune.

To do that you must become “The Person in the Know”, so you attract clients who want to learn from you, who will buy your products, and refer more people to you.

If you are someone that has read a book or two, bought a marketing course or two, or downloaded some paid or free e-courses, you probably still are unsure where to start.

There is a lot to know.

“Do I need a blog and how often do I post?”

“What exactly is an autoresponder and why do I need one?”

“What benefits will I get from a squeeze page that I cannot get from straight advertising?”

“I am already on Facebook. Why does it help to make a page? Or a group?”

And a whole bunch more.

And a whole bunch more!!!

Like anything else, it takes time to learn. How often did you fall off your bike, or drive your driving instructor crazy? Especially if it was your Dad or Mum?

Don’t let the information overload stop you from acting. Like any other large job, it can be broken down into bite sized chunks that can be learned and implemented one at a time.

The great thing about building a business online is the sheer numbers.

  • World Internet usage is 2,095,006,005 as of March 1, 2011.
  • Facebook has over 500,000,000 active users. Half are logged in on any given day.
  • Twitter now has 105,779,710 registered users.
  • New users are signing up at the rate of 300,000 per day.

If you can get ½ of 1 percent of that massive market to respond to you in a positive way that is a lot of people to interact with in any given month. This is where attraction marketing comes into play.

I use Facebook and Twitter because they are two of the main players in the game of Attraction Marketing. If you learn to play the game well you can have a lot of fun, meet a lot of great people and earn a lot of money.

If you wish to be wildly successful on the internet, you will have to become very visible on both of these social media sites and on other sites as well. As with any other business one has to be where the people are to meet and greet.

A lot of Network Marketers think that they are unable to use the internet to generate leads. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some companies are training their reps and having great results.  The truth is that anyone who can send an email, go on the Social Media sites and Surf the Web can generate their own pre-qualified, free, ready to go leads.

The old days of Network Marketing are very inefficient.

However it is still being taught that making a list of your warm market (your family and friends), calling all of them and begging them to join is the way to do it because nobody thinks that training is a good idea.

After they don’t want to talk to you anymore, you may be taught to “Dial a Random Stranger”,  ie. from a business card you found or from someone elses advertising.

All of it is “Face to Face and Belly to Belly” which is fine if one has some selling skills developed.  Some people have done very well. Most do not.

In the couple of hours it takes to present an opportunity to someone (including driving), your online blog can be read by 100 people, your squeeze page can get 10 first names and email addresses and your autoresponder can send out 1000 emails to people who want to see the genuinely valuable information you send them.

It takes time to set up, but it sounds like more fun than TV to me. Wouldn’t it be heart warming to realize that while you are sleeping, eating, sunbathing, etc people are responding to the information on the net that you put there?

Some of them think that it is good enough they will respond by giving you their email address and permission to send them information on a regular basis.  If the information has value to them, they will buy from you because you have built a level of trust.


There is much more, but this is the core of Attraction Marketing.

I will be writing more posts on the same topic, so keep tuned.

Please leave comments and suggestions. Thank you.

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  1. My name is Fred Murray.
    I have been online for a lot of years, but only recently upped my engagement of online activities to blogging and other stuff.
    As the Heuristic Marketer I am dedicated to helping other online marketers. The name” Heuristic”, according to Wikipedia refers to experience-based techniques for problem solving, learning, and discovery.
    I am learning and passing along what I am learning . I find the best way to learn is to do and integrate imperfect results as part of the learning experience. I hope to become a helpful voice to anyone who is working at marketing both offline and online.
    I am joyful that you are here.

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