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System K

Your guide to creating a smoother road to the success you have envisioned.
Fred Murray

Table of Contents
Meet Fred Murray
OBSTRUCTION #3. You don’t know what you don’t know.
OBSTRUCTION #2. No coach
OBSTRUCTION #1. Unconscious Blocks

Meet Fred Murray
Education is the key to end all suffering
Welcome to 3 HIDDEN OBSTRUCTIONS THAT KEEP EVEN SMART SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS BROKE. My name is Fred Murray. Thank you for trusting me with your time, attention and energy.
Since we will be spending some time together, I thought that you might appreciate knowing something about me so you have a frame of reference of whom I am and why you should listen to me!
I feel very blessed in life. The home maintenance business that I have had for a number of years is booming, so much so that I have to book time for myself to do that which is my passion. This time it is writing this article so that I may help others free themselves from the bonds of feeling backed into a financial corner much of the time.
I have only found my calling in the past couple of years and it is starting to demand more and more of my time and attention. My passion is showing people how to let go of that which does not serve them. It is very gratifying to hear from someone I am working with that we just found and removed an unwanted element in their lives that has been in their awareness as long as they can remember.
A financially abundant life has not been my lot up until recently. Most of my life has been a struggle for money interspersed with infrequent abundant times. Despite being both a hard and smart worker, I have not been able to reach the financial heights I have known are possible since I was about 14 years old.
Until recently.

About 6 years ago I was with a network marketing company. Part of the training was to get people fired up. The company brought the famous motivational coach and speaker Bob Proctor in to speak to the crew. It was at that speech that I realized for the first time that I could actually become rich. Up until then it was a distant dream that I thought was for someone else. I have not lost that realization and the knowing that I too deserve abundance. I did not last long with the company as I was not making any money and I could not find a mentor to show me how to make that business profitable.
For many years I have been reading motivational books by the masters—Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale and many others looking for the little bit of magic that would change my life.
Since that mind changing event with Bob Proctor I have been looking more diligently for ways to change my life so I was no longer on the low end of the financial totem pole. I read even more books, gone to live events, tuned into webinars, listened to motivational speakers on Youtube by the hour and scoured the internet for something, anything that made sense.
Then one day a couple of years ago a friend sent me a link to a webinar that would become the beginning of my life changing event. I have not looked back. That does not mean that there have been no challenges, but it has been a much smoother path with NO insurmountable obstacles.
I have worked at a variety of jobs through my life as well as working for myself. I have found what works, most of the time, and what does not work, most of the time.
I am sharing my 3 best strategies on how to become successful at your business, whatever it may be.

To me success is often coupled with wealth. To me wealth means:
1) Impact or influence- You can get your message to more people with a greater measure of abundance.
2) Income – Being successful means a greater or even a much greater level of money flowing into your life.
3) Inspiration- Feeling fulfilled and connected in a magical way to your life and your passion.

When I can reach out to help others become successful, earn good income and feel truly inspired within that which I teach, I feel truly wealthy.
My intention is to my best to guide you to a greater level of success than you have previously enjoyed. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know
And how to reduce the obstruction size.

The first step in dealing with the unknown in business is planning for the unknown.
Now that may sound like a contradiction, but it is not. Knowing that unexpected events will come up is a normal part of our life on this planet. However in business, particularly small business with limited resources, it can be disastrous if there is not a Strategic Plan which will mitigate severe surprises. Your list will be very different from my list as we are all very different. The biggest thing to think about is to make positive changes in your life to reduce the impact from a negative event.
Probably the best place to start is by conducting a brainstorm with your significant other or partner(s). This revolves around a bunch of what-if’s which may include: Marketing, Car Repairs, Food, Taxes, Family Emergencies half-way across Canada… etc.
Marketing – What is the pre-determined income level dip at which marketing goes into overdrive and where do we get the best bang for our buck?
Starting now let’s do small investments online when money is available and see what we get for results. Figure out who our ideal customer client is and aim some Facebook ads at them to see the results. Check out Tumblir and other platforms, always starting with a small investment.

Do we do a sandwich board at our curb, one that we can make ourselves for less than a $50 outlay, including plywood, hinges, paint and stencils? Do we have a friend with high traffic exposure that will let us put one by their driveway or place of business? Do we get into guerilla marketing by printing up a bunch of posters to hang up wherever people congregate?… bus stops, stop lights, hydro poles downtown, etc? Tape posters on the inside of the car or van and park it on a main drag? Even if it has to be moved every 2 hours?
Do we make a BIG banner and find a balloon operator that will take a trip over downtown.
Do we do trade fairs to get our name out. This usually results in a list of people that want to know more. Would a mass mailing with a discount coupon attached (up to 50% off) make sense if it will start the wheels rolling again?
Whatever we do, we track as clients come in to see what is working. We will keep on brainstorming for creative low expense advertising.
Car Repairs– How much do we make available for emergency repairs? Can we set up a line of credit with our local mechanic in advance of any emergency? If we deliberately set up and pay off a couple of smaller bills, we may be able to defer part of a larger repair for a month or two.
How much can we do ourselves, particularly if we have a talented friend? There are videos of most auto repairs covering an incredible range of years and models. If income has plummeted, learning how to repair the car is much more important than watching TV or surfing the Net.
If either can be done, it will lessen the load on a credit card. A local mechanic will usually not charge 18% on outstanding balances as the credit cards do. We may only have to pay a talented friend (with tools) dinner and also be able to enjoy their company in the afterglow of an inexpensive repair that we could now do on our own.

Food – The best place to start with this is to grow at least some of your own food, either in your own yard or at a local shared space. Having a freezer full of organic food from your garden and from local sustainable sources reduces the stress if income drops.
I also have started doing fermented foods. I was surprised at the health benefits derived from fermenting food, and as such my fridge is stocked with fermented foods. Last fall to spring, I did not buy any greens from the store because I had a fridge full of fermented foods… about 12 gallons. Another option is sprouting seeds for winter greens. It is minimum cost with a big health bang.
Farmers are like everyone else and most will barter in some manner, whether it is labour or computer repair or whatever. A weekend’s labour may be enough to provide a month’s vegetables for the family, and you know the farmers’ crop husbandry practices. Many farmers keep a portion of their yearly crop in storage, usually a root cellar. Even in the winter barter is still possible if one is flexible.
The last place for emergency food is the food bank. A lot of it is in cans, and as such it is highly processed and toxic. The greens mostly are from stateside factory farms. They are grown with fertilizer and multiple herbicides and pesticides. Consumer beware. It is better than an empty stomach for a very limited time, until the strategic planning can kick in.
Taxes – Find a local accountant that can find the best legal tax avoidance strategies. Again many can and will barter services, keeping track of the amounts so CRA can get their bite.
Start a fund to pay the taxes, local and income. It is very tempting to dip into this during emergencies. Please refrain if possible.
Family emergencies half way across Canada – We will not have any!!!,

Everyone has a unique situation with unique Unknowns. If you have just stumbled over an Unknown Obstacle, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and do your best to figure the source of that obstacle.
Screaming at the Universe or God or whatever you call your Higher Power is permitted!!! I have done it. At that point, if you are asking for answers, you may be surprised with the results. I was!!!!!!
Keep on doing your best, and if you got any answers, try to apply them to your journey.

Obstruction #2
No Coach!

Muhammed Ali, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Bo Jackson, Michael Phelps and all other athletes have coaches. Some have two or three. They realize the importance of having someone there who has already been there. Someone who can show them the obvious pitfalls, someone to keep them accountable, someone to energize them when they do not want to go on.
The best motivational speakers in the English language in the last 100 years have a coach or had a coach when they were alive. This includes Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Napoleon Hill, Les Brown, Jack Canfield … and many more Most of them have written or spoken, or both, of the importance of having a coach if you really want to be successful. .
This is something that most small business owners do not have. It is my belief that most of the people reading this do not come from a family that had a successful business. If the family had a business, again it is my belief that it kept the family going with very few frills.
I am going to include myself in this as I grew up on a farm in rural New Brunswick. We ate well, worked very hard and as I mentioned, had very few frills. So I will be including me in the “we” of this part.
If one comes from a family that had a lackluster income, they probably have lackluster results themselves, by example of their parents’ teachings. Unless they step well out of their comfort zone, they will be as well off as their parents, but they probably not become wealthy. Their parents will give the best coaching they know, but if it did not produce really good results for them, it will not produce great results for their children.

This is one of the advantages of buying a successful business, as long as arrangements are made to keep the previous owner as a coach/advisor. The issue is that the new owner may wish to change a lot of things, rather than changing a little bit at a time so the customers are still comfortable.
I have seen a number of successful businesses, both small and larger, fail within a short time after being purchased. It almost seemed that the new owners were trying to eradicate everything that had worked for the previous owners. Customers were not able to feel comfortable at the business anymore. Moreover, in retrospect, it seemed that as soon as the changes that had been made were not obviously generating the projected income, it changed again, making the customers feel more uncomfortable.
What I am writing of was brick and mortar stores, but the same applies to any kind of business. If you purchased your business, keep the previous owner on as a coach and be prepared to follow the advice that made the business successful.
I am advocating to anyone that is starting a new business or not fully succeeding in their existing business “Get a coach”. I realize that business in Canada has changed in the last 25 to 40 years with changing world demographics and particularly in the last 10 years with the internet.
Coaches that can help you to build or improve your business using the internet as part of the advertising are out there if you are willing to look. If you connect with someone who has done it before for themselves and /or helped someone else, they are probably someone you want to listen to. If you are in the metaphysical and are inspired enough to attract a mentor such as Louise Hay or Depak Chopra or whoever your favorite very successful author is, it would do well to listen when they talk.
A coach is a blend of authority figure, experience, conscience, reminder of what needs to be done, best and most enthusiastic fan, and worst critic. If you are seeking a coach, do not expect to be best friends. However, if you choose wisely, expect your life to change.

Unconscious Blocks
The single largest block to success is the blocks we carry in an unconscious way!!
I will repeat that
The single largest block to success is the blocks we carry in an unconscious way!!
If we can find and remove the blocks to success we carry in our lives within our unconscious mind and within our family genetics, we have just paved the path on the road to our greatest dreams.
The hidden obstructions we, me included, keep running into are the walls we carry in our minds that we are not really aware of. They consist of Unconscious Beliefs and Unprocessed Emotions.
There have been multiple studies into the Unconscious Mind and how much it is in control of our lives. Results vary from 85% to 95%. That means that of the daily decisions you make, you actually only consciously make 5% to 15 % of those daily decisions while the bulk of your day is being run on autopilot by your unconscious mind.
Unprocessed Emotions are literally emotions so strong and vivid that we are not able to process them and let them go as we do with less raw emotions. A person in a war zone can manifest any number of unprocessed emotions such as fear, anger, hatred, fright, shock and more. We cannot forget them as we do lesser more normal emotions.
Because they are so overwhelming they can get into our genetics to the point of becoming part of our genetic expression. So a descendant will be fearful or angry or timid with nothing in their life as a reason. Everyone just says “Oh, my little sister/brother is a timid little mouse” not realizing that this timidity may have started with an ancestor 5 or 10 generations or more ago.
We inherit our caregiver’s belief system. Some say we are being imprinted or programmed from the time of conception to about 7 years old when we start to develop filters to disregard what we disagree with.
St Francis of Xavier is quoted as saying ”Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man”. He was very aware that we receive our basic belief system as children from our caregivers, our family, genetic or not.
As stated above our lives are controlled in the most part (95%) by our unconscious beliefs. Our unconscious mind is, by its standards, working in our best interests using the information it has been programmed with. Just as a particular program on our computer will only do what it has been programmed to do, we generally do in life what our caregivers believed was for their best highest interests and expressed those beliefs over and over, imprinting it into our psych.
You can get a glimpse of your unconscious beliefs on wealth by your reaction to someone speaking of wealth or riches. So if you have said a number of times “Rich people are all crooks”, you probably have a belief system that defines being rich as being a crook. Now if you are an honest person, as soon as you try to become rich, your unconscious mind steps in without you noticing it and makes sure you do not go against the basic beliefs of honesty plus rich people are all crooks. You cannot become rich until you either become a crook or let go of the belief that all rich people are crooks.
This principle flows through all of our life through our unconscious beliefs. We are not aware of the exact beliefs that are hindering our progress in whatever endeavor we are attempting. We make decisions we think are taking us where we wish to go not realizing that our unconscious has stepped in to make sure that our decisions line up with our core value system.
A good exercise is to listen carefully to the people around you – your family, your spouse, people at your workplace, your friends. Are they parroting their family’s core belief system to their detriment? Are you?????????

Unprocessed emotions are carried in our genetics. We can inherit them and we can pass them along to our descendants. It remains in our genetics like an echo in a canyon resonating through our family tree until it is found and removed by intent.
Unprocessed emotions are a very extreme emotion carried in our genetics and as such are as palpable to some of our senses as the colour of our eyes or the the shape of our face. We are not aware of our own unprocessed emotional baggage, but others are at a subliminal level as we are aware at that same level of theirs.
This explains liking or disliking someone across the room that you have never spoken to much less met. It also explains how we are treated by strangers on an ongoing basis. If you are being cheated by your customers fairly often, you may have an unprocessed emotion you are unaware of that is inviting this behavior.
People talk about instant like or dislike. I believe extreme emotion is in our aura and in our body field. Extreme emotion put it into our genetics. Is there any reason for it not to be expressed as an emotional feeling after the fact?
I have been a contractor off and on for a good part of my life but I inherited an unprocessed emotion of a vow of poverty. At some level I felt it for I had difficulty asking for a reasonable rate for my time. And moreover others felt it for they seemed to have little difficulty in bargaining heavily and sometimes not paying the agreed upon wages upon completion.
Quantum physics has proven to most of the scientific community and the world in general that everything is energy. Gone are the models of atoms that look like solar systems to be replaced by a much less defined model.
If everything is energy that means that we are energy as well. We are an energetic blend of the elements that make up our physical body. We are also a special kind of energy in that we think, make our own decisions, communicate, etc.

What if emotions are energy too? I, as an energetic being have felt love, dislike, fear, anger, and the rest of the range of human emotions. If everyone feels them in a similar manner to me, then is it so far a stretch to think they may be energy as well. If so, unprocessed emotions can become part of our energetic signature and as such can interact with the body field of others affecting the way we interact.
There is a way to become free of both unconscious beliefs and unprocessed emotions. The main tool to find both is Applied Kinesiology, developed by a chiropractor, George J Goodheart in 1964. He used it initially as a tool to find imbalances in the body for treatment. He soon understood it could be much more that that initial finding. Muscle testing is a binary tool. There is Truth and No Truth on a muscle test. Some call it a Yes/No response.
Finding an unprocessed emotion or an unconscious belief that does not serve our highest good is as simple as muscle testing a question or statement. Then we ask our unconscious mind through muscle testing if that particular item can be released today. If Yes, then we remove through Intention and it just ceased to be an unknown stumbling block.
As soon as we remove unconscious beliefs that do not serve us or extreme unprocessed emotions, our lives will change for the better. It may take a little while to notice it, but with that negative energy gone from your body and mind, it will not be very long until you and those around you see the difference.

What you don’t know in #3 can cause a host of short term issues in your life. Having a coach #2 can reduce the time it takes and the risks on a business startup.
But they have nothing on the Stumbling Blocks in #1. Even though we cannot see the blocks we carry around like we can see an unexpected repair bill, they are much more powerful in their ability to stop us on our path to success than any outside force.
I am giving a 2 day workshop called System K Level 1 on Sat Nov28 and Sun Nov29
This is an all day workshop from 9:30 am to 5 pm. The course is about half and half lecture and hands on learning.
You can expect to learn:
Kinesiology or muscle testing
The various tools for muscle testing
Working with others
Finding and clearing unprocessed emotions
Finding and clearing unconscious beliefs
Finding and clearing curses and other discordant energy
Requesting and obtaining permission to act on another’s behalf
Calibrating as portrayed by Dr David R Hawkins
Expect to be comfortable enough at muscle testing by yourself or with another that you can continue at home.
Remember: The System only works if you work it.

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